Connections Planning and Media

Multiscreen hopping, targetability and the proliferation of data dictate an agnostic media service offering.

Our Take

You need to be found. These four words crystalize the importance of connections planning and media in today's hyperfragmented, choice-driven landscape. Multiscreen hopping, targetability and the proliferation of data dictate a media service offering that needs to be agnostic, agile and accountable. Today's consumers select where and when to engage, and it's our job to understand intent so we can clearly, efficiently and creatively recommend locations for meaningful brand conversations.

With options and technology – from mobile to search to real-time programmatic – evolving at a dizzying pace, selecting and leveraging the right tactics can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be. Our solutions are centered around business objectives, so if you're looking to generate immediate buzz, drive the bottom line or a combination of both, we've got the ability to recommend and implement the right solutions across all platforms that make sense. And because we are an idea-driven agency, we don't just settle for what's out there – sometimes it makes sense to upend and create what's out there for you.


Media Planning

Media planning today is a craft that requires an in-depth knowledge of the journeys customers take to make their brand and product selections. Our media group makes an impact by working closely with research and creative to engage consumers with carefully integrated plans that outsmart, rather than outspend, competitors. We offer an integrated and agnostic approach to media – ensuring your message is delivered on the right channels and measured accurately across all touchpoints. 

Programmatic Trading

Our Programmatic Trading Center leverages our advanced audience analytics and machine learning to engage with customers at each stage of their journey. This capability allows us direct access to all digital channels, plus radio, TV (connected/addressable/programmatic) and digital out-of-home. Our ability to plan, buy and optimize media through our self-serve programmatic capabilities drives high performance, efficiencies and insights that are usually lost when media is not managed in-house. All traditional media is also planned and bought in-house. Learn more about programmatic trading.

The Marcus Thomas Trade Desk

Our trade desk allows us to plan, purchase and optimize all forms of digital media, connected TV, digital radio and digital out-of-home in-house, to control performance and optimization without relying on outside (disinterested) personnel. Our costs are also usually one-third of outside vendor costs, with the same access to inventory. Our clients enjoy the following upsides of our programmatic trading desk capabilities: Omni-channel platform solution; massive inventory through all the major exchanges; transparency, efficiency and ownership of data; and ease, power and control. 

Search Marketing

Marcus Thomas' holistic search solutions combine talent, audience insights, analytics and technology to deliver brands the results they seek in a cross-device, multiscreen digital ecosystem, including local search, mobile search or an integrated strategy. Accounting for different intent across different devices allows us to help brands meet consumers when and where they need, and with the right content. Learn more about search marketing.

Media Unleashed™

Marcus Thomas is making a reputation for itself as a leader in programmatic. Now brands (and other agencies) who are looking to leverage the best of data-driven media planning and buying with extensive research capabilities, deep strategy and sophisticated trading technologies, can tap this expertise with Media Unleashed™, the agency's media only offering.  For more details on this exciting media capability, visit  

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